Genji and Heike screen

Eight paintings on paper illustrating some excerpts from “The Chronicle of the Heike” historical novel book of the Japanese writer Eiji Yoshikawa. He describes with great realism, the accession to power of the Heike clan warriors or Taira particularly his struggles with the Genji clan or Minnamoto.
Japan-Edo paintings (18th century).  
Screen mounting four back leaves.  
Height 84 cm-175 cm length. 

Eiji Yoshikawa narrates the life of Taira no Kiyomori, the heir of the warrior Heike clan. The reader follows his slow rise to the highest echelons of power, into the depths and depravity of the court and the strife of civil war.The other tale told is the ascension of the warriors (bushi) who were up until that point looked down upon by the nobles.