Table Viardot

Measures: Height 75 cm, length 67 cm, width 41 cm.
France – 19th Century
Plainwood snack table in the Asian taste carved with inlaid branches and inlaid landscapes in mother-of-pearl. The table is structured in two parts : the higher part established by the tray and the lower part.
The strut is made of an openworked snakelike geometric frieze on which is added a chiselled brass patch with floral patterns.
The table leg are in a curved shape. Their infringement is festooned with golden brass patches engraved with floral designs too.
The table rests on four sculptured feet ending in claws legs, probably of lion.
The tray is bent upward in its left extremity whereas the curvature is directed downward in the right extremity in a wave-like general movement.
The tray consists of two ornamental registers chiselled and inlayed with mother-of-pearl of Tonkin. The top-left register presents a geometrical decoration evoking a Japanese temple of whom roof is inlayed in mother-of-pearl with a pattern of trees and with a flying in.
The right lower register is also decorated with inlay of mother-of-pearl. It is here however about a figurative scene. One can see a man crossing a bridge and carrying bundles of straw. A sitting cross-legged man on a steep slope rocky and topped with a clump of trees is facing him, apparently meditating. Two jars are laid in his left. Under the clump of trees is lying a deer whose symboliqueis quite important in Asia, being the symbol of prosperity and wisdom.
The plate is decorated with a coiled dragon in gilded bronze.
This round table is very representative of the work of Viardot (1830-1906).
Iron stamped G.Viardot on one of the legs.