These pieces are a part of smoking set. He consists of a kizeruzutsu (pipe case) of a tabaco-ire (tobacco pouch) in black lacquered leather. Both parts are bound by a leather link decorated with a red stone ojime. The tabaco-ire is decorated with a menuki (metallic decoration) gilded and skated copper. The menuki has the form of a sitting cross-legged man, joint hands, hidden by the long and wide sleeves of its coat. His eyes are closed, his cheeks and his mouth are falling. The kizeruzutsu is made of two tubes fiting together. The pipe divides in three parts, each in a different material. The stalk is wooden clear. The head, the furnace and the pipe are in black metal. The beak as for him is in gold.  

Japan – Meiji (1868-1912) 
Rectangular tobacco case: Length: 13cm-Width: 7,5cm
Pipe Case : Length: 24cm-Width : 3cm
Pipe : Length : 20,5cm