Golden patinated bronze representing a lying crane with its baby bird on its back.

Japon – Meiji

Height 5,5 cm – Length 14  cm – Width 4 cm


The Japanese crane is also known as tanshozuru (丹頂鶴) which mean “red crowned crane”. It is known to be standing for longevity since the tale told this animal to be 100 years old. The crane is omnipresent in Japanese culture, mostly in the tales of “Tsuru no Ongaeshi” and “Tsuru Nyobo”


Furthermore, if you fold and bound a thousand crane of a paper to each other throughout the whole year, your wish will be granted.


The Japanese Crane is famous for its dark red crown that remind of the Japanese flag. This patch is brighter during love season. Most of the feathers are white omitting the tip of the wings that are black. Males are easy to recognize to their black feathers in the neck whereas females are wearing grey feathers.