Deer and bat table


Very beautiful Japanese table with four legs in gold, black and brown lacquer with two richly decorated tops. The upper tray presents a decoration of bats, kumori (蝙蝠), in flight in gold hiramaki-e lacquer on a brown lacquer background. The openwork side panels feature the same motif. The lower tray and the legs display a decoration of moving or lying sika deer (鹿), also in hiramaki-e gold lacquer on a black lacquer background.

This small piece of furniture was in the wardrobe of the members of the high society and was intended to receive various personal effects such as headdress, fan, handkerchiefs …

In Japan, the deer is a symbol of purity and is considered the protective animal of the city of Nara. In the Shintoist tradition, it is indeed the mount of the gods. A thousand of these deer live in freedom in Nara and are classified as “natural treasure” of this city. The bat symbolizes luck and longevity.

Japan – Edo Period (1603-1868)
Height : 17.13 inch – Width : 23.23 inch – Depth : 13.19 inch