Golden kobako and stream

Japan – Meiji (1868-1912)
Height 6cm – Width 10cm- Length 13,5cm
Kobako generally indicates a box. The latter is in lacquer hirameiji (black Lacquer decorated with more or less dense golden glitter which remain however different).
We see a meandering stream lined by banks in gilded maki-e lacquer (It consists of a noble powder of metal decoration sprayed over a still fresh lacquer of variable density) and which the relief is in kirigane lacquer (Small squares and rectangles cut from gold or silver sheets intended to form a mosaic).
The stream is surmounted by cherry blossoms and among which these are as well in gilded maki-e that in black lacquer. One of the cherry trees establishes moreover the continuation between the decoration of the lid and the right edge of Kobako. In the top of the lid, the stream disappears in cloudy banners in lacquer hirameiji. On the bank on both the left part and edge of the lid are represented bamboo leaves. 
The movement of the waves in the stream is underlined by slender strands in golden lacquer which come to create games of curves symbolizing waves.
The inside of the box is in lacquer nashiji (golden granular surface which reminds that of a Japanese variety of pears. It consists in spraying flakes of gold or silver of variables size and colours even though the lacquer is still fresh then the whole is covered with a yellow-red varnish).