Golden Kushibako

Kushibako (comb box) in nashiji whose lid presents an edge cut to the shape of a flowers’ petal. Under the cut lid we find small annular handles in gilded copper.
All of the sides are decorated with three môns in gilded maki-e: two identical of the Hojo family are below, directly on the box whereas the third môn of the Mori family is above, on the lid. These three môns including the identical one, are also present on the top of the lid. The association of two môns gives evidence that this piece is a wedding present. Kushibako (or comb box) were a part of the wedding trousseau. The association both môns represents in a symbolic way the union of two families. The inside of the box contains a tray. The whole inside is in brown lacquer.
Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912)
Height: 14,5cm- Width: 14,5cm- Depth: 14,5cm