Inrô boat


A four-case lacquer inro in iroe, togidashi, hirame and kirigane lacquer, on a nashiji lacquer background, decorated with a boat, sailing on the flow, carrying numerous passengers, mountains on the background.
Nashi-ji lacquer interior.
The ornamentation probably depicts the Sumida river in Tôkyô.
A similar inro is represented in the book Inrô, japanese belt ornaments the Trumpf collection, Uta Werlich/Susanne Germann, Linden-Museum Stuttgart, arnolsche art publishers.

Origin : sale in Drouot, 11th February 1987, n°233, Portier label, hand-written note : Tony Smet, 27.10.1953

Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912) 

Height: 2,8 inLength : 2.2 inWidth : 0.8 in

The wooden netsuke depicts Hoteï with a child, Hoteï is holding a sacred gem (Tama) in his hand. Hoteï is the most popular among the Seven Gods of Fortune, he is always depicted as a laughing man with a big belly and wearing Chinese clothes. Therefore, he is easily recognizable.

Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912)

 Height : 1,8 in