Inrô insects

Inro are small divided boxes suspended from the belt which are a part of sagemono (suspended objects). Indeed, their use was developed to solve the lack of pocket in kimonos. 
The inro is in brown lacquer imitating woods veins. The box is decorated on its front face with a mantis and a grasshopper holding a twig, the whole is in gilded maki-e. The lid, as for him, is decorated with two butterflies and a branch which are in gilded maki-e gilded and in lacquer containing metallic oxides. The top of the lid is decorated with a rhinoceros beetle in the center in gilded maki-e. On both sides are represented ladybirds in red and black lacquer.
In the back, the decoration of the lid consists of a spider on its web. She in gilded maki. On its left is a dragonfly. His wings are gilded maki-e, its body is in coral lacquer and his head in mother-of-pearl.
On the same face, the box is decorated with a frog of three-quarters as well as with a locust. Both are in gilded maki-e and lacquer with metallic oxides. The ojime is bronze. It has the shape of a wood louse on a leaf. 
The netsuke is in box tree and has the shape of a small eggplant. Above is put a beetle.