Leaves and birds inro

Black lacquer inro decorated with maki-e decoration of blueberries, a bird on one of its leaves on the back side. Interior in nashi-ji lacquer.

Ojime bead in hardstone with a carving of a rooster.

Netsuke in wood and ivory of a sparrow and its little one still in the egg. The baby sparrow can slightly come out of its egg. Signed underneath Tomokazu  (友一). 

Japan, Meiji Period (1868-1912)
Inro: Height : 2.1 in (5.5 cm) – Width : 2.4 in (6.2 cm) – Depth : 0.8 in (2.2 cm)
Netsuke: Height : 1.1 in (2.8 cm) – Width : 1.5 in (3.8 cm) – Depth : 0.8 in (2.2 cm)