Inrô with flowers and leaves

Inrô are small divided boxes suspended from the belt which are a part of sagemono (suspended objects). Indeed, their use was developed to solve the lack of pocket in kimonos. This one is in black lacquer with  leaves and flowers patterns in gold maki-e. The trunk of the tree is represented in the low part of the inrô. A butterfly flies over branches, another one is standing on a flower, gathering nectar. The lacquer is locally decorated with hirameiji (black lacquer decorated with dense golden glitter). The other face is decorated with branches and flowers in button. The inside is in nashiji lacquer. The inrô carries a netsuke: Japanese clothing object which is used as a counterweight to inrô. The netsuke is in box tree and has the form of a toad put on a leaf. He is signed in the name of “Masano from Yamada”.
Japan – Meiji period (1868-1912)