Kobako flowers

Japan– Meiji (1868-1912)
Height: 4,5cm-Length : 11cm-Width : 8,5cm
The kobako is a box in a general way. This one is decorated with floral motives. Indeed we find flowers in gilded maki-e lacquer (It consists of a noble powder of metal decoration sprayed over a still fresh lacquer of variable density) on fundame (what means literally ” heap of dust ” and consists of a fine gold or silver dust sprayed so as to obtain a smooth and plain surface).
The lid of the box presents a different decoration from the rest of the box, the latter being besides separated from decorations of Kobako by a border in gilded maki-e, as a kind of cartridge. The completeness of cartridge is filled with chrysanthemums. Some are in golden lacquer, the other one bounded by a black border and some in aokin (Literally “green gold”. Greenish alloy of gold and silver).