Lucan Perfume Burner


Bronze sculpture of a Lucanus cervus (Lucanus cervus) beetle. The top of the abdomen rises, revealing an incense burner. The Lucanus, in Japanese kuwagata mushi, is highly appreciated for its playful and aesthetic value.

Insects (mushi) occupy a very important place in Japanese culture. Insect hunting is a popular pastime, especially among children. Using nets and cages, they catch cicadas, beetles and other insects to better observe them.  The mushi can indeed be seen as pets, playing a role in the education of the child: the child will first play with the ladybug and will progress as his education progresses to the complex dragonfly hunt, which requires a certain know-how.

Signed by Dôchû (銅虫)

Japan, Meiji era (1868-1912)

Length : 13,4 cm (5.28 inch) – Width : 6 cm (2.37 inch)