Red Lacquer Box

Rectangular box in red lacquer and black highlights, with three drawers with floral decoration on one of the short sides. Adorned with dragon, kirin, chimera and baku in hiramaki-e, in multi-lobed reserves.

The baku is a Japanese fantasy creature from Chinese folklore, whose name means “dream eater”. He is credited with the ability to devour bad dreams and nightmares. It most often takes the form of an elephant and tiger chimera, although its appearance changes over time. In more modern representations, the baku takes on the appearance of a tapir.

The kirin is also a composite creature from Chinese mythology. Sometimes called a “dragon horse”, it is often credited with the appearance of a deer with scales and a pair of horns or a single horn. Symbol of harmony and bliss, discovering one is a good omen. Despite his peaceful temper, he can spit flames or roar with a thunderous voice to fight evil.

Japan – Meiji Era ( 1868 – 1912 )

Height : 8.5 inch – Lenght : 7 inch –Depth : 10.5 inch