Ryoshibako and Suzuribako

Pair of suzuribako (writing) and ryoshibako (paper) in black lacquer with gold flakes called hirameji. Both are decorated with a landscape in a lear circular cartouche. The decor, really sophisticated, presents various technics : taka maki-e, hira maki-e, kirigane, nashi-ji, showing the virtuosity of the artist. The interior of the lid is also decorated with a landscape on a nashi-ji background. 
The suzuribako is composed of two small trays on the sides, in nashi-ji lacquer, decorated with a landscape, an ink rock and a small pot for water.  Japan, Edo period (1603-1868)
Height : 2,6 in – Length: 10,2 in – Width: 9,2 in
Height: 5,7 in – Length: 15,7 in – Width: 13,8 in