Toad okimono

Bronze okimono with brown patina of a moving toad. The details of the face and skin are retranscribed with great fidelity.

In the Japanese bestiary, the toad – Kaeru 蛙 – occupies a special place, carrying positive values.

Both the toad and the frog come back every year, no matter how far from the pond where they were born. The word Kaeru is synonymous with “coming home”. It is the protective animal of travelers and the symbol of hospitality. Its effigy is present on the hammers of doors or gongs placed at the entrance of some houses and hotels.

The toad also has the power to attract wealth. This dates back to feudal Japan, when tax collectors were recognizable by the toad- or frog-like netsuke they wore on their belts.

Bears the stamp of an unidentified manufacturer on the underside.

Japan – Meiji Era (1868-1912)
Length : 2.37 inch – Width : 1.07 inch