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Suzuribako (writing box) in gold lacquer decorated with a landscape of a waterfall among pines, rocks, and chrysanthemums in nashi-ji (golden background with a rough surface which is reminiscent of that of a species Japanese pear. This is achieved by spraying flakes of gold or silver of various sizes and shades on a coat of lacquer which is still wet. It’s then coated over with a red-yellow varnish) and kirigane (little squares cut in gold or silver leaf, to make a mosaic) on a fundame background (gold).
The interior of the lid is in nashi-ji lacquer and decorated with rocks and chrysanthemums in gold and silver lacquer. The bottom of the suzuribako is also in nashi-ji lacquer, adorned with a river among rocks, bamboo plants and chrysanthemums in gold and black lacquer.
Signed Sekiguchi Shuken ?
Japan, late Edo period (1603-1868)
Height: 2 in – Width : 10,2 in – Depth : 9 in