Bronze crab

Jizai, bronze articulated crab. 
Jizai Okimono are realistic sculptures of animals, particularly birds, fish, snakes, lobsters, crabs, insects, and also fantasy animals as dragons and shachi (acquatic monster looking as a fish), made of iron, copper, shibuishi (copper and silver), shakudo (copper and gold). Their bodies and their members are articulated, and can be moved, exactly like for a living animal. This kind of okimono (decorative object) are not very well known because they were often exported since the Meiji period, and the Showa period. 
Jizai Okimono started to interest Japanese since October 1983, when numerous models were exhibited at the Japanese Metal Art Exhibition, which took place at the National Museum of Tokyo. 
The word Jizai appeared publicly for the first time during this exhibition on the Japanese Metal Art. It was used to name the works of art during the exhibition, as the Jizai Okimono of the Dragon or the Jizai Okimono of the Hawk
Jizai Okimono are produced since the Edo period, but the name that was given to these objects in this period is unknown. Jizai Okimono have different sizes, from 4 or 5 centimeters to 2,2 meters. 
Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912)
Height: 2,2 in – Length: 5,9 in – Width: 3,9 in