Dark red lacquered natsume with autumn leaves and cherry blossoms

Natsume in dark red lacquer, decorated with autumn leaves and cherry blossoms in hiramaki-e and nashiji. Interior in black lacquer.
Maple leaves (Momiji) are celebrated in literature for their beauty. Cherry blossoms (sakura) are symbols of renewal and the ephemeral nature of beauty. Embodying the flowers and leaves typical of autumn and spring, they are true visual spectacles to be admired during walk or a picnic. They can also be a symbol of a change of feeling.

The natsume is the tea box designed to hold matcha tea for the preparation of the tea ceremony. It is named for its resemblance to the natsume fruit, i.e. the jujube. It is round, short and has a flat lid. It is often made of lacquer. The natsume is used for light tea or some thick tea preparations; while the cha-ire (ceramic tea box), for thick tea.

Japan – Shôwa era (1926-1989)
Height 2.7 in (7 cm) – diameter 2.5 in (6,5 cm)