Elephant bronze

Sculpture in chiselled bronze  of an Asian elephant, the trunk erected.

The details of the skin are rendered with great fidelity.

In Asia, the elephant is a symbol of peace and prosperity. It is also the mount of the divine kings, and is thus the symbol of the domination of the Center on the directions of the terrestrial space. In addition to this, it also represents wisdom and knowledge, and is the instrument of the blessing of the gods.

As with the bull, it is attributed with the ability to carry the world.

In particular, when the elephant is depicted with its trunk erected, it is a sign of good omen.

Japan – Meiji Era (1868-1912)
Length : 23.63 inch – Width : 6.7 inch (including ears : 7.68 inch) – Height : 20.08 inch (tip of the trunk) – Weight : 22.04 lb