Ikebana basket (hanakago) in wickerwork of polished bamboo with twisted handle.  Features a sheet metal and varnished bamboo vase for the floral arrangement.

Mark under the vase Nanagô (七号), “n°7”.

Ikebana or Ka-do (the way of flowers) is a traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement. Unlike Western floral art, ikebana does not aim to                     emphasize only the beauty of the flowers and the harmony of colours.     This art wants to enhance the vase, the stems, the leaves, the branches as much as the flower itself.

The structure of the floral arrangement is based on three symbols: the sky, the earth and humanity.

Japan – Showa era (1926 – 1989 )

Dimensions (with handle) : Height: 17.3 in – Width: 8.3 in