Kobako Crane

Small box on which are represented several cranes in flight in lacquer gold taka maki-e on a background of eggshells. Signature on the bottom of the box.

Japanese cranes have the peculiarity of being white and black with a small red part above their skull. In Japan, they symbolize longevity and good fortune.

The word rankaku means “eggshell” in Japanese. The rankaku technique is a lacquer decoration process whose manufacturing secrets have                      fascinated the Western world for several centuries. The use of this original                material makes it possible to obtain impressing crackled whites. Washed and stripped of its internal membrane, the shell is then gently crushed. Each of the pieces is then sieved to be sorted by size before being carefully deposited over a layer of fresh lacquer to form a mosaic. They are finally sanded and covered with a layer of transparent lacquer to fill in the gaps.


Japan – Meiji Era (1868 – 1912)

Length : 2.37 in – Width : 2.37 in – Height : 1.11 in