Kobako Sakura pattern

Rectangular kōgō in lacquer decorated with cherry tree flowers in gold on a mokume and tojidashi background. It contains two small boxes decorated with faggots, vegetable patterns and calligraphy. The inside and the base are in nashi-ji lacquer.

The kōgō is an incense box used in the Japanese tea ceremony. It sometimes contains a small tray or small boxes.

The cherry blossom (sakura) is the national flower of Japan. It represents the beginning of spring and a time of renewal. Due to their quick blooming and brief lifespan, sakuraalso symbolize the ephemerality of life, and remind people that their life is short but beautiful. The tradition of hanami, which consist of contemplating the fall of cherry blossom with friends or family, can be regarded as a philosophic activity.

Japan – Edo (1615 – 1868)                               

Size :  0.52 x 2.17 x 0.45 inch