Lacquered Kobako Hannya Mask

Small kidney shaped lacquer nashiji kobako. The lid features the no mask of Noh theater character representing the Hannya demon in polychrome lacquer.
The interior is in nashi-ji gold lacquer.
Hannya (般若) is a demon from Japan. He is in fantastic legends and beliefs the ghost of a young woman back to life to wreak her revenge.
This is very dangerous demon of anger and jealousy. It is ranked among the Yokai and is an oni.
Hannya is always represented in the same way: a rather square face, severe, full of pain. It is closer to that of a man. The eyes are sad, full of rage. Canines are very apparent.
The Hannya demons are very present in the Noh theater, especially in the Dojo-ji parts and Aoi no Ue. In the latter, the jealous Rokujo is overcome by declamation Sutra Hannya, recommended for women-exorcising demons.

Japan – Meiji (1868-1912)
Height 1.5 cm – length 6.5 cm – width 4.5 cm.