Lying Hare

Sculpture in chiselled and stained wood representing a hare lying down.

In Japanese, the hare and the rabbit are designated by a single word: usagi. The hare occupies an important place in Japanese legends and superstitions. Like many other animals, it is supposed to reach a fabulous age and become blue at five hundred years old. In Far Eastern art, it is often depicted with the moon, an association that seems to have its raison d’être in an imaginary line that we want to see in this star and that would have the outline of a hare.

The hare is one of the twelve animals of the zodiac in Sino-Japanese astrology. There are several popular legends in Japan in which the hare plays a role.

Japan, Meiji era (1868-1912)
Heigth : 4.41 inch – Length : 5.08 inch – Depth : 9.26 inch