Moon Hare



Japanese bronze brown patinated representing a hare laying on a crescent moon.

Japan – Showa (1912-1926)

Height: 11 cm – 4,3 inches

The Hare is a very beloved animal in Japan. Each year, on the 15th day of the 8th month of the moon calendar, Japanese are celebrating “Tskukumi”, a party paying tribute to the hare of a tale.

A God decided to get down on earth as a starved man. He went to the forest to see how animal used to find something to eat. All the animals of the forest came to him to bring food.

The monkey climbed in the trees and picked some fruits. The bear fished in the river. Birds found worms and insects. Only the hare had nothing to give and felt sorry. Animals of the forest laughed at him.

As soon as the fire was ready to cook the meal he jumped into the flames, giving his own flesh as a tribute.

The God could only pity him, He decided to get the hare back to like and sent him to the moon as a reward.


Since this tale has been told, Japanese are waiting for the full moon of October, wishing to see the hare on the moon.