Netsuke Character

Ivory netsuke in shape of a old man sitting, holding a fan while making a sign with his hand. The details of the face, the folds of the garment and the beard are delicately carved. The suit and headdress are finely decorated with typical Japanese motifs. Signed by Gyokubun (玉文).

Miniature figurine, often carved in wood, lacquer or ivory, the netsuke (根付) is a traditional Japanese item of clothing. As kimono do not have pockets, everyday objects are transported in little boxes called sagemono. The netsuke hold firmly inrō’s string, or other types of sagemono, slipped into the obi, the belt which closes the kimono. The production of netsuke flourishes during the Edo period.

Japan – Edo period (1603-1868)

Height : 1 in – Length : 0.8 in – Width : 1 in