Netsuke Old Man and Tiger


Boxwood netsuke in the shape of  an emaciated and toothless old man, flanked by a tiger. One of the old man’s two teeth is ivory. The details of the tiger’s skin, bones and coat are delicately carved. Signed.

Miniature figurine, often carved in wood, lacquer or ivory, the netsuke (根付) is a traditional Japanese item of clothing. As kimono do not have         pockets, everyday objects are transported in little boxes called sagemono. The netsuke hold firmly inrō’s string, or other types of sagemono, slipped into the obi, the belt which closes the kimono. The production of netsuke flourishes during the Edo period.

In Japanese culture, the tiger (tora) is a symbol of power and strength. A theme from Chinese culture, the representation of the tiger in Japanese iconography dates back to the 10th century, and can be explained by trade and the importation of Chinese objects from this period


Japan – Meiji era  (1868 – 1912)

Height : 1.2 inch – Width : 1 inch – Length : 1 inch