Suzuribako landscape

Suzuribako (writing box) in gold lacquer decorated with a landscape of a waterfall among pines, rocks, and chrysanthemums in nashiji (golden background with a rough surface, remembering a japanese pear. The nashiji lacquer is a spray of gold or silver flakes, of different colours and sizes, even though the lacquer is still wet. In the end, the lacquer is varnished in red-yellow) and kirigane (little squares cutted in a golden or silver leave, to make a mosaic) on a fundame background (gold). 
The interior of the lid is in nashiji lacquer and decorated with rocks and chrysanthemums in gold and silver lacquer. The bottom of the suzuribako is also in nashiji lacquer, decorated with a river among rocks, bamboos and chrysanthemums in gold and black lacquer.

Japan, late Edo period (1603-1868)

Height: 2 in – Length : 10,2 in – Width : 9 in